REYES INTERIORISMO is an interior design studio based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Its objective is to design unique, personalized and comfortable spaces for its users. Our desire is always to find a balance between modernity and tradition. We offer a complete service adapted to the specific needs of each client. We take care of all the stages of the design process that we summarize in four: first, study and taking measurements of the space to intervene. Second phase, presentation of inspirational images together with a first proposal of space distribution. Third phase, design of the space and preparation of all the plans and information necessary for the economic evaluation and physical execution of the project. You can include virtual images that better explain the project. Fourth phase, monitoring the execution of the work with which we guarantee the quality of execution thanks to our experience. We work in a wide list of industrials that allow us to give the best quality finishes in each work fitting the budget of each client. All our projects are based on ethical and ecological choices. We attach great importance to sustainable values, both through the choice of materials, construction techniques and we value the local way of building things. We are inspired by an interior design that combines the traditional with the modern, respecting the environment, conserving local values ​​with a focus on the innovative.


She has the Official Title of the University Center of Design and Art EINA (UAB), together with the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations (UAB) and Art History Studies (UOC). He initiates his concern for design after a year living in the city of Tokyo (Japan), and perfecting his knowledge in the Italian city of Florence. After collaborating in several of the best architecture and interior design offices in the city of Barcelona, he founded his own studio in 2010.


Degree in Architecture from the UNESA of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) along with the Master of Interior Design from ELISAVA of Barcelona. Focused on the architecture and interior design sector, she has collaborated with large promoters in Brazil and for interior design studios in Barcelona.





By: Kiwi Visual Studio